Praisesong: (i) the act of expressing approval or admiration; commendation; laudation. (ii)  the offering of grateful homage in words, song or story.

Praisesongs is a creative space and research resource dedicated to the celebration of older men and women of colour living in Wales, and to the development of a digital story archive of their lives. 


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This is journey, a show of intellectual love. We have sought to share with you some of the steps taken, insights gleaned, mistakes made, debts yet to be fully paid -
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The Storytellers are open and honest, giving candid insights into their lives and experiences. Whether you relate to them, empathise with them or just wish to learn about them -
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This website is about giving back; creating a bank of stories taken from older people, and Elders in Wales for them and their families to  enjoy. Its' also about seeking to  improve their lives -
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