Praisesong: (i) the act of expressing approval or admiration; commendation; laudation. (ii)  the offering of grateful homage in words, song or story.

Praisesongs is a creative space and research resource dedicated to the celebration of older men and women of colour living in Wales, and to the development of a digital story archive of their lives. 

The aim is to also provide a space in which to reflect on new ways of generating research evidence about the everyday lives of older men and women  from diverse population groups that can be used to  positively impact on their lives.


Our Stories

Our Storytellers are open and honest, giving candid insights into their lives and experiences.
Whether you relate to them, empathise with them or just wish to learn about them -
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Latest Reflections

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This website is about giving back; creating a bank of stories taken from older people, and Elders in Wales for them and their families to  enjoy. Its' also about  improving their lives - 
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